Living in Langley/Aldergrove

fun and games, Right in our Backyard

Our family grew up here in Aldergrove. Mom moved here in 1986 and moved us to walnut grove in 1999 then back to Aldergrove in 2011. We all went to poppy (except step-dad and the little brother but we won’t hold that against them). We are all incredibly musical and involved in our community.

In 2016, we started talking about how people don’t get to know their neighbours anymore, how the anonymity of screentime and the availability of technology enables us to be antisocial, to hide in our own homes and have our needs catered to via delivery or curbside pickups. We wanted to provide a space where our musical, theatre, drama, construction, creative writing and love of board games could offer something creative for our community.

Above all else, as we watched businesses open and close and yet another nail salon or sushi place open up (no offence, we ALL love sushi), we decided that Aldergrove deserved something fun and new too and we were the perfect family to do it!

So we spent 3 years researching, planning, and waiting for the perfect space and the perfect landlord. In Dec. 2019, we found it and spent the next 3 months getting the space ready to present to our little village.

February we opened up to great reviews, beautiful coverage from local papers and met some amazing people, our neighbours!

Then March, 2020.

March, 2020. It affected so many in such a short time. We talked to our customers, neighbours and landlord and closed the doors to ensure the safety of all.

Following the advice of the Provincial Health Office, Fraser Health and Worksafe, we are now reopening within the guidelines in place. See here for our COVID-19 plan.

We are here for your adventures. We can’t travel far away yet, but let us transport you and your group, even for a short time. We will continue to support our community and our neighbours.

Aldergrove still deserves fun things too.


The Perplexed family.