Thank you for your interest in Perplexed! We are very excited to have a fun new option in the community. 

Do you have a liquor licence?

Perplexed will not be serving liquor at this time. This is something that we have discussed extensively and will be looking into within the first month or so after we open. If this is something you think we should do, please come in to see us and let us know.

Can we book a private event?

We have already had several inquiries and pre-bookings for private events. Please contact us to find out how to get onto the waitlist for a private event. 

Do you have a kitchen?

Just like the liquor licence, we have opened without a kitchen to gauge the community response to this new type of business in our village. There is a small selection of pre-packaged snacks and drinks available for purchase.

Will you have arcade games?

There are very specific restrictions regarding arcades and playable games in the Township of Langley. Due to the nature of our space and the volume that most of these games run at, we will not have any games of this kind at this time. We have a large (and growing) selection of board games to choose from, so bring a friend or play with someone new, there will be lots to do.

Do you actually live here?

Not only do we live within a few blocks of downtown, we grew up here, went to school here and now are opening a business here!

You haven’t answered my question!

Contact Us to ask and we will update this page with more frequently asked questions as needed.